I’m Chad De Rosa, photographer for this site. Most of my life I have been racing BMX and motocross. I raced BMX for 4 years and then motocross for 8. With such a passion for this 2 wheeled lifestyle, I began producing motocross films. My film work has been distributed world wide with the release of “Ripped Wide Open III” in 2004.

Photography has now taken over as my true passion for capturing light. I have found photography to be an amazing outlet for my creative needs. I revel in the thought of capturing a single slice of time with the snap of a shutter. I view it as a way that I can make time stand still in this race that we call life. In the pages of this site, you will have an opportunity to see light as seen through my eye. These photos are slices in time that I have captured and chose to share with the rest of the world. Please browse my work and leave your feedback.